For the love of cider

After six generations of growing apples, we turn our sights to sharing the essence of our beloved Hudson Valley through a simply crafted, dry hard cider.


It’s the kind of idea you get after a few drinks at the local pub. "Hey, let's start a cider company!" – and then forget about it the next day. But Albert and Devin, two guys up in Highland, New York, actually followed through with it.

It didn't hurt that Albert was a sixth generation apple farmer in the Hudson Valley and Devin enjoyed brewing and fermenting anything that sounded like it had promise to make a tasty beverage. Ever since the summer of 2011 when these two childhood friends banded together with meager savings and a love of cider, they have been crafting, selling, and talking everything cider. It's their pastime, their passion, and their life. Since the beginning, they have always had a single minded goal: bringing hand crafted, truly dry cider to the world.


Here at Bad Seed, we seek to advance the craft cider industry through mixing old and new cider techniques and craft beer influences. Our ciders are made from 100% fresh pressed Hudson Valley apples, primarily grown by us on our sixth generation family farm in Highland, NY, Wilklow Orchards. We are the first American company to put a truly dry cider into a can. After all, this is cider not science. You won't find the endless list of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and excuses on our label because we don't use them. There's a reason we are known all around America as "Bad Seed: The Dry Cider."


After our humble start in the back room of an old Hudson Valley barn, we now operate two different taprooms in New York State, and have distribution in seven different states with ten different distributors. You can find us in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, with more growth and expansion on the horizon. We are humbled by the growing demand for Bad Seed. We hope to keep spreading the dry cider love all across the country and beyond!

Our Team

A sixth generation farmer. A mad scientist fermentation wizard. A musician who loves sales. A painter who came up with our name. Add them all together and you get our Bad Seed family.

Bad Seed Co-owner Devin Britton standing behind the bar with full glass of cider on the counter

Devin Britton

Co-founder, Head of production

Bad Seed co-owner Albert Wilklow standing near the orchard inspecting crates of apples

Albert Wilklow

Co-founder, Farmer

Bad Seed co-owner Bram Kincheloe wearing a Bad Seed hat with dog licking his face

Brandon Flynn

Lead Bartender

Bad Seed team member Kortney Wilklow holding a hose with hands raised in the air

Kortney Wilklow

Assistant cider maker

"They have a ton on tap and their tasting is worth every penny. Staff are awesome. Local ingredients. Take a road trip, hang out outside, play corn hole, enjoy great conversation. Top it off: dog friendly. *mic drop*"

- Jen F., Bad Seed fan

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