"Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler" Albert Einstein

Forget everything you thought you knew about cider — like how it's sweet and how “small batch” is defined. We are the first company to put a truly dry, 0g sugar cider into a can. Crack open a Bad Seed and see for yourself how we are changing the game. 
Bad Seed Dry Hard Cider

Our flagship Dry Hard Cider is extremely dry and incredibly strong. Fermented with a sauvignon blanc yeast and then conditioned in this very can, we've crafted a dry cider that is similar to an apple champagne or delicious apple prosecco. There are actually 0 grams sugar in this cider. We are the first company to put a truly dry, sugar-free cider in a can. All that you're drinking is a full pound of pressed apples, fermented to full dryness. Nothing else. There's a reason everyone knows us as "Bad Seed: the Dry Cider!" We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Alc. 6.9%


Sixtel kegs


Raspberry Reserve Hard Cider

Fermented with one full pound of raspberries for each gallon of cider and crafted from apples grown in the Hudson Valley, this cider is tart, tangy, dry, and a little off-beat like a Bad Seed should be. Unfiltered and strong, this cider will appeal to all. Anytime someone drinks it for the first time, they inevitably exclaim, "Man, this is Really Good!" 


Alc. 6.9%

Bourbon Barrel Reserve

Each bottle of Bad Seed Bourbon Barrel Reserve Cider is handcrafted in small batches.  Fermented with a sense of purpose, then carefully aged for an additional 2-3 months in fresh wooden bourbon barrels from Kentucky's finest distilleries, this cider is a special product. Featuring a strong, unique, robust bourbon nose, Bourbon Barrel Reserve cider will surprise and delight you.  


Alc. 6.4%

India Pale Cider - IPC


Our IPC (aka India Pale Cider) is unlike anything you've ever tried before. A true dry cider, we've fermented it with an American Ale yeast and dry-hopped it with cascade hops. For those fans of traditional IPAs and Pale Ales, this is the cider for you. Strong, crisp, dry, with a beautiful scent of hops, this cider weighs in at 6.9% Abv. 

We were honored when our IPC was chosen as one of the finalists in the 2017 Good Food Awards for cider of the year!



Alc. 6.9%


Small-batch ciders

(only available at our three tap rooms)

Note: all draft ciders are available "to go" in growlers and make-your-own 4pks
Hopricot (Hopped Apricot cider)
Malus Rouge (fermented with red grape skins)
Lager Cider (fermented with beer lager yeast)
Pineapple Express (hoppy pineapple cider)
Pineapple Cider
Spiced Rum Barrel Cider (aged in rum barrels with added spices)
Up North (semi-dry, sweeter cider)
Whiskey Joe (aged in whiskey barrels with coffee beans)
Cognac Barrel (aged in cognac barrels)
Whiskey Ginger (aged in whiskey barrels with ginger)
Cranberry Cider
Strawberry Cider
Brandy Barrel (aged in brandy barrels)
Space Cadet (hopped with galaxy and apollo hops)
Hibiscus Ginger Cider
Honey Mint Cider
**and many, many more! Come to one of our tap rooms to see what we have on draft today!**

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