Extremely dry and incredibly strong

Crack open a Bad Seed and see for yourself how we are changing the game.

"The variety of ciders on tap is excellent and there really is something for everyone. The staff was also top-notch. They answered all our questions and pulled just the right ciders for us to try. We left bigger fans of cider and will now make sure to look for Bad Seed brews when we dine out!"

- Arianna H., Bad Seed fan

Our Ciders

Forget everything you thought you knew about cider — like how it's sweet and how “small batch” is defined. We are the first company to put a truly dry, 0g sugar cider into a can.

A tall glass full of Bad Seed's flagship hard cider sitting on a rustic wooden plank with a brick wall in the background.

Flagship Dry Hard Cider

Fermented with sauvignon blanc yeast and then can/keg conditioned. Each can is a full pound of pressed apples, fermented to full dryness.

A tulip glass containing Bad Seed's Raspberry Reserve Cider sitting on a rustic wooden plank with a brick wall in the background.

Raspberry Reserve Cider

We take our flagship dry cider and ferment it with one full pound of farm grown raspberries. Tart, tangy, dry, and a little off-beat.

A tulip glass of one of Bad Seed's small batch ciders sitting on a rustic wooden plank with a brick wall in the background.

Seasonal Small Batch Ciders

Ginger, Hopricot, India Pale Cider, Cranberry, Bourbon Barrel-Aged and other seasonal flavors can be found at both of our taprooms.

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Small batch and beyond

Most people only know our flagship cider, but we also craft all kinds of unique small batch varieties. We're always experimenting and pushing boundaries, fermenting with things like blueberries, ginger, hibiscus, red wine grape skin, galaxy hops, cascade hops, apollo hops, mint, pineapple, strawberry. We also love aging our cider in barrels: bourbon, rum, cognac, brandy. Give us a barrel, we'll age cider in it.

We have only one rule: make them dry and make them strong! Additionally, every cider we make is gluten free.

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